The Easy Guide To Home Buying

A long time ago, Scott discovered that renting real estate was just making the landlord richer and him poorer.  The more he researched it the more he figured out the richest business owners, owned property and lots of it.

A few years ago a friend of Scotts that owned a restaurant bought the building the restaurant was in so he could stop paying rent to the landlord and could start paying himself.  Recently he sold the restaurant and the rent he is collecting is almost as much as the restaurant was making when he bought the building.  Talk about an easy retirement plan.

Buying a home is the easiest way to get into the real estate game and get out of the insane world of renting.  Renting a car, sure, a boat, or airplane yes.  Real Estate?  No.

Real estate offers advantages that no other investment or business vehicle offers.  Obviously you want to check with your CPA, but most people can claim an interest deduction, so even if rent is slightly lower than a house payment in the same area, you might still be ahead of the game day one.

Learn to buy right and you will be ahead of the game.

For years Scott and his wife were licensed real estate agents so that they could make better deals faster and easier.  That knowledge is coming soon with the Easy Guide To Home Buying.


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