The Easy Guide to Podcasting

Get your message out there quickly with a podcast!

Podcasting is growing at an exponential rate and just like building a website you don’t want to get lost in the haystack.  With simple tools you can build a podcast that generates business second only to video marketing (Easy Guide Coming Soon).

Even if you are already using video to tell your story and connect with customers, why not use that same information and upload it as a podcast?

To help kickstart a new part of the business with online video production, Scott created a podcast to get small business owners and training managers at larger companies to pay attention.  It worked.  In under six months, two large projects were booked because of the podcast. 

If you think podcasting is hard, and don’t know where to start, Scott makes it easy.  Everything you need from equipment recommendations to websites to host your podcast for free.  That is right, free.  Think you can make your podcast a subscription, it’s in there too!

What can a podcast do for you?