The Easy Guide To Office Technology (and Homes Too)

The Easy Guide to Office Technology is almost out.  If you have been having trouble with your home or office network, Scott will help you make it easy.  Networking an office doesn’t have to be hard.  

The Wireless Way

If you are thinking of going all wireless, the speeds are now there, but there are some pitfalls.  New mesh technology will let you run a larger office without having to bring in the big guns and their $10,000 network solution. For under $1,000 you can get a reliable network in a space as small as 500 sq ft and as large as 10,000 sq ft.

The Block Approach

Scott has been designing computer networks longer than google has existed.    Early on he learned that a multiple hub and spoke method could be highly efficient while maintaining network reliability.  In the Easy Guide to Office Technology Scott will show you how to get it working right without breaking the bank.  

This book is out and was renamed “The Easy Guide To Internet and Network Stuff”.