The Easy Guide To Internet and Network Stuff

If you are working from home or have a small business, you probably have wished that you had an easy guide to internet and network stuff at least once.

The good news is that now you can get one.  After nearly 30 years in technology and electrical businesses, Scott has finished the Easy Guide to Internet and Network Stuff.  He had his co-host from CoolToys TV Season three, Josh Snodgrass add a couple of bonuses on cyber security.  In addition to being a sports doctor, Josh has a masters in cyber security.

If you ever wondered what all of those little boxes with blinking lights do, this book will help you look behind the mystery curtain of “the cloud” and “the internet”.  Those little differences between a hub, a switch and a router are made clear so that you don’t need a computer degree to know why you need to get certain network gear for a better internet experience.