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Many moons ago, so long he doesn’t like to admit it, Scott Bourquin wrote an essay for a college writing class about the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. A week later, the professor said “I don’t normally read student work, but I am going to read this, it is good enough for publication as is”.

As a serial Entrepreneur, Scott found ways to look at business models and distill them down to the important pieces. Eliminating waste. For some it was a difficult transition. For Scott, it was the price of freedom. Get the job done, go play is how Scott lives his life. Many can’t handle that level of performance, a few are ready for the challenge.

Since his first college writing class, Best SellingĀ© author Scott Bourquin has been acclaimed for having one talent above other writers. The ability to see through the noise and create an understandable solution to a complex problem.

Easy Guide To Online Marketing

Scott changed how we looked at our marketing and showed us a better solution that helped us create relationships instead of blindly trying to keep patients. The change was quick and simple and increased our retention rates without increasing our budgets.

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These days Scott runs his own marketing and consulting firm which also produces online videos, commercials and documentary’s for streaming and major media outlets. The Bourquin Group has been helping small business owners grow their business for over 20 years. Scott started writing the easy guides to help cash starved businesses find easy solutions and help them learn what to look for when hiring a marketing company.

The Bourquin Group LLC owns FireRock SEO Services, The Easy Guide Books, Paradise Landing Productions, ArtSurf Productions and BeachStreetNews.com

If you are a small business owner or want to start a small business, The Easy Guide Books are a great place to start! Welcome.