The Easy Guide to Sourdough

Have you heard that sourdough is the hardest bread to make? Well now there is an Easy Guide to Sourdough.

This isn’t one of our books like The Easy Guide to Internet and Network Stuff, this is a two page (or one page two sided) Easy Guide.  When the covid lockdown started, I decided to figure out how to make a sourdough crust pizza.  Once he got that figured out, he attempted sourdough bread with less than stellar results.  After a lot of trial, error and watching hundreds of videos, I think I figured it out.

 lot of the credit goes to Jack of “Bake With Jack“, and I admit this Easy Guide would not happen without him.  If you are having trouble with the sourdough process or making sourdough bread, try this easy guide.  

Keep in mind if you make sourdough with wild yeast, it may not have that “sour” flavor like San Francisco sourdough.  That is a specific bacteria in the air around San Fransisco.  You can buy a San Francisco starter but over time the “mother dough” may lose it’s unique sour flavor if your environment doesn’t help it reproduce.  This is just really good bread with no commercial yeast added if you make your starter the wild yeast way.  

The flour does make a difference, I use organic rye as the starter, organic bread flour for bread and Caputo Dopio for Pizza dough. I am looking at the Caputo Blue label for the pizza oven and will compare them

One more tip, Temperature makes a difference for making yeast and dough.  Too cold it goes slow.

Easy Guide to Sourdough Free download, just click the link.