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Diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, Scott Bourquin was easily frustrated and had difficulty sitting around. This made a lot of his teachers and employers uncomfortable, but then he figured it out. If he didn’t work in a regular job under other peoples rules, he could get more done in less time. He quit his job and became a contract employee instead.

By starting his own business, Scott was able to work only three days a week, make more money and do more for his former employer. A win-win except for the employees that stayed back and had to keep up with Scott’s pace.

Do the Deal, Get a Check, Take a Vacation

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Growing up Scott’s parents also didn’t like the kids in the house sitting around. If he were caught in the house watching TV before dinner or finishing his home work Scott would hear the bone chilling sound of his dad removing his belt. His dad rarely used the belt, the threat was all that was needed.

The Easy Guide To Podcasting

Because of that upbringing along with a dose of ADHD, Scott doesn’t like sitting around waiting for things to happen. Instead, he makes them happen. When he should have been attending his senior year of high school, he instead enlisted and became a security policeman in the Air National Guard.

Not content to walk around airplanes and guard buildings all night, Scott joined the base marksmanship team and quickly moved into the top slot using the same techniques of drilling down to the essentials that he uses when developing the ideas for The Easy Guide Books. After earning top medals at National and international events, Scott earned a commission and pilot training slot.

Scott started his first business in 1982, selling car parts. This was years before he was old enough to drive. He just liked cars, and that is why the business failed.

Today Scott still flies, while running his businesses and helping others grow theirs while having more fun and more time off.

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